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Proof of Concept Operations.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

It began with a Task, Condition, and Standards.

We at BUGOUT-AT/@ are excited that we are now in the final stages of our Proof of Concept operations with the prime. Region South (Prototype 10) based out of New Orleans, LA, and Region Midwest (Prototype 7) based out of Phoenix, AZ are now the first BUGOUT's to complete two thirds of its Proof of Concept operations!

Being in the third and final stage and its associated gates within the Proof of Concept operations, BUGOUT-AT/@ are then labeled "Prototype" and given their camouflage pattern.

A BUGOUT-AT/@ is designated a prototype once two thirds of the stages and gates are met. Prototypes 7 and 10 are now in the last third of its complete development towards a successful Proof of Concept operations.

We currently cannot disclose all the stages and gates for the prototypes development. What we can disclose is that this vehicle is completely badass.


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