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Ola Bilməz - LGN Remix ile Vedad'ın Şarkısına Yeni Bir Soluk indir

What is "Ola Bilməz Indir" and Why Should You Care?

If you are a fan of Azerbaijani music or culture, you may have heard of the phrase "ola bilməz indir". This is a term that has two meanings: one literal and one figurative. Literally, it means "it can't be downloaded", which refers to the difficulty or impossibility of finding some digital content on the internet. Figuratively, it means "it can't be compared", which expresses admiration or praise for something or someone that is unique or exceptional.

In this case, "ola bilməz indir" is also the title of a famous song and album by Faiq Ağayev, one of the most popular and respected singers and actors in Azerbaijan. The song and the album were released in 1995 and became instant hits among the Azerbaijani audience. The song is a romantic ballad that expresses the love and devotion of a man who can't live without his beloved. The album is a collection of 12 songs that showcase Faiq Ağayev's vocal range and musical talent.

ola bilməz indir


In this article, we will explore more about the song, the album, the singer, and how to download or stream them online. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about "ola bilməz indir". By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of this phrase and its cultural significance.

The Song "Ola Bilməz"

The song "Ola Bilməz" was written by Hikmət Mahmud and composed by Yaşar Baxış. It was performed by Faiq Ağayev and released as the first track of his album with the same name in 1995. The song is a pop ballad that features Faiq Ağayev's powerful and emotional voice. The lyrics are in Azerbaijani and tell the story of a man who is deeply in love with a woman who he can't live without. He compares his love to water, fire, air, and light, and says that nothing can match or replace it. He also says that he has drunk from many fountains but none of them tasted like her. He asks her to come back to him if she can.

The song became very popular among the Azerbaijani listeners and received positive reviews from critics. It was praised for its melody, lyrics, and performance. It was also considered as one of Faiq Ağayev's best songs and one of the classics of Azerbaijani pop music. The song has been covered by many other singers over the years, such as İzzət Bağırov, Tacir Məmmədov, Tehmin Velizade, Vedad Rzali, and others.

The song has also been translated into other languages, such as Turkish, Russian, English, Persian, Arabic, and Urdu. Some of these translations have been done by professional translators or singers, while others have been done by fans or amateurs. You can find some of these translations on YouTube or other websites.

The Lyrics of "Ola Bilməz"

Here are the original lyrics of "Ola Bilməz" in Azerbaij ani and are written in the Latin script. You can also find the lyrics in the Cyrillic script or in other languages on various websites.

Ola bilməz, ola bilməz Sənə bənzər heç bir şey Ola bilməz, ola bilməz Sənə bənzər heç bir şey Suyun içindən içdim Sən kimi təmiz yox Atəşin içindən keçdim Sən kimi isti yox Hava kimi lazımsan mənə Işıq kimi lazımsan mənə Gözlərimdə yaşsan mənə Gözlərimdə yaşsan mənə Ola bilməz, ola bilməz Sənə bənzər heç bir şey Ola bilməz, ola bilməz Sən kimi sevgi yox Çox çeşmələrdən içdim Sən kimi dadlı yox Çox qadınlarda sevdim Sən kimi yadlı yox Hava kimi lazımsan mənə Işıq kimi lazımsan mənə Gözlərimdə yaşsan mənə Gözlərimdë yaşsan mëne Ola bilmëz, ola bilmëz Sënë benzër heç bir şey Ola bilmëz, ola bilmëz Sën kimi sevgi yox Gëlirsën gël, gëlirsën gël Bilirsën gël, bilirsën gël Gëlirsën gël, gëlirsën gël Bilirsën gël, bilirsën gël

The Meaning of "Ola Bilmëz"

The meaning of "Ola Bilmëz" is not very difficult to understand. It is a song that expresses the love and devotion of a man who can't live without his beloved. He says that nothing can compare or replace her, and that she is like water, fire, air, and light for him. He also says that he has tried many other women but none of them satisfied him like her. He asks her to come back to him if she can.

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The song is very romantic and sentimental, and it appeals to the emotions of the listeners. It also reflects the culture and values of Azerbaijan, where love and loyalty are highly regarded. The song is a tribute to the beauty and uniqueness of the Azerbaijani women, who are known for their grace and charm.

The Genre and Popularity of "Ola Bilmëz"

The genre of "Ola Bilmëz" is pop music, which is a broad category that encompasses many styles and influences. Pop music is characterized by its catchy melodies, simple lyrics, and mass appeal. Pop music is often influenced by other genres, such as folk, rock, jazz, classical, or ethnic music.

"Ola Bilmëz" is a pop song that has some elements of folk and ethnic music. It uses traditional instruments, such as the tar (a stringed instrument), the balaban (a wind instrument), and the daf (a percussion instrument). It also uses some Azerbaijani musical scales and modes, such as the mugham (a complex system of melodic patterns) and the shur (a mode that conveys sadness and longing).

"Ola Bilmëz" is a very popular song in Azerbaijan and among the Azerbaijani diaspora. It has been played on many radio stations, TV channels, concerts, festivals, and events. It has also been downloaded and streamed millions of times on various platforms and websites. It has been ranked among the top songs of Azerbaijani pop music by many polls and surveys. It has also been recognized by many awards and honors, such as the Golden Microphone Award, the Golden Disc Award, the National Music Award, and others. The Album "Ola Bilməz"

The album "Ola Bilməz" was released in 1995 by the label Azərbaycan Səs. It was produced by Yaşar Baxış, who also composed most of the songs. The album contains 12 tracks, which are:





Ola Bilməz



Bir Daha Söylə



Sən Mənim Olasan



Gözlərimdən Düşmürsən



Bir Gün Görüşərik



Sən Mənim Həyatımsan



Bir Qız Var İçimdə



Söyləmə Sözünü Söyləməyimmi?



Mən Səni Sevirəm, Söyləyirəm!



Bu Gecə



Son Nefesim





The album is a mix of pop, folk, and ethnic music. It features Faiq Ağayev's expressive and versatile voice, as well as the use of traditional and modern instruments. The album covers various themes, such as love, longing, happiness, sadness, hope, and nostalgia. The album is a reflection of Faiq Ağayev's personal and artistic journey, as well as the culture and history of Azerbaijan.

The album was very well received by the critics and the public. It was praised for its quality, originality, and diversity. It was also considered as one of Faiq Ağayev's best albums and one of the milestones of Azerbaijani pop music. The album sold more than 500,000 copies in Azerbaijan and abroad. It also won several awards and honors, such as the Golden Disc Award, the National Music Award, the Golden Microphone Award, and others.

The Singer Faiq Ağayev

Faiq Ağayev is one of the most famous and respected singers and actors in Azerbaijan. He was born on April 25, 1962 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. He showed his interest and talent in music from an early age. He learned to play the piano and the guitar, and participated in various musical contests and festivals. He graduated from the Azerbaijan State Conservatory with a degree in vocal arts.

Faiq Ağayev started his professional career in 1985 with the song "Sarı Gelin", which became a hit in Azerbaijan and Turkey. Since then, he has released more than 20 albums and over 200 songs in various genres and


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