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Taxi Driving Games Download: How to Become the Best Cab Driver in the City

Taxi Driving Games Download: How to Enjoy the Thrill of Driving a Cab on Your Phone

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a taxi driver and exploring different cities, picking up passengers, and earning money? If yes, then you can experience the life of a cab driver with taxi driving games. These are simulation games that let you drive various types of taxis, complete missions, and have fun. In this article, we will tell you what are taxi driving games, how to download and play them on your phone, and what are some of the best taxi driving games for Android and iOS.

taxi driving games download

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What are taxi driving games and why are they popular?

Taxi driving games are a genre of simulation games that allow you to drive a taxi in a realistic or fictional city. You can choose from different models of taxis, customize them, and upgrade them. You can also accept fares from dispatch, pick up and drop off customers, follow traffic rules, and avoid accidents. Some taxi driving games also have storylines, challenges, achievements, and multiplayer modes.

Taxi driving games are popular because they offer a lot of variety, excitement, and challenge. You can explore different environments, meet different characters, and face different situations. You can also improve your driving skills, learn new routes, and earn money. Taxi driving games are also relaxing and entertaining, as you can listen to music, chat with customers, and enjoy the scenery.

How to download and play taxi driving games on your phone?

If you want to download and play taxi driving games on your phone, you need to have a compatible device and enough storage space. You can find many taxi driving games on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices. You can search for "taxi driving games" or browse the categories of simulation or racing games. You can also read the reviews, ratings, screenshots, and descriptions of the games before downloading them.

To play taxi driving games on your phone, you need to follow the instructions on the screen. Usually, you have to select a taxi, a city, and a mode of play. Then, you have to use the controls on the screen to steer, accelerate, brake, honk, and interact with customers. You can also adjust the settings of the game, such as the graphics quality, sound volume, language, and difficulty level.

Best Taxi Driving Games for Android and iOS

Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution

Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution is one of the most realistic and immersive taxi driving games for Android and iOS. It lets you drive over 30 amazing vehicles in huge cities like New York, Miami, Rome, or Los Angeles. You can complete different types of missions as a taxi or private driver and deal with different types of customers. You can also enjoy the stunning graphics, weather effects, traffic density, and destructible objects.


  • Realistic controls (tilt steering, buttons or virtual steering wheel)

  • 2020 updated engine sounds

  • Realistic vehicle features (you car will get dirty or require repairs)

  • Visual tuning options

  • Career, free roam and multiplayer modes

  • New cars and challenges added weekly

Pros and cons


High-quality graphics and soundsContains ads and in-app purchases

Diverse and realistic scenarios Requires a lot of storage space and battery power

Fun and challenging gameplaySome bugs and glitches reported by users

City Taxi Driving 3D Simulator

City Taxi Driving 3D Simulator is another great taxi driving game for Android and iOS. It lets you drive a yellow cab in a modern city and pick up passengers from different locations. You can also drive a limo, a SUV, or a sports car and enjoy the realistic physics, smooth controls, and dynamic camera angles. You can also customize your taxi with different colors, stickers, and accessories.

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  • Easy and intuitive controls (touch or tilt)

  • Realistic car driving physics and animations

  • Multiple camera views (including driver view)

  • Different types of taxis and passengers

  • Various weather conditions and day/night cycle

  • Cool graphics and sound effects

Pros and cons


Simple and addictive gameplayContains ads and in-app purchases

Variety of vehicles and customization optionsLimited number of cities and missions

Nice graphics and soundsSome minor bugs and errors reported by users

Taxi Game 2

Taxi Game 2 is a fun and casual taxi driving game for Android and iOS. It lets you drive a taxi in a cartoon-style city and complete various tasks. You can pick up customers, deliver packages, park your car, avoid traffic, and more. You can also unlock new cars, upgrade your skills, and earn coins. Taxi Game 2 is a great game for kids and adults who want to have some fun.


  • Cute and colorful graphics

  • Easy controls (buttons or steering wheel)

  • Different types of taxis and missions

  • Funny characters and dialogues

  • No time limit or fuel limit

  • No internet connection required

Pros and cons


Funny and relaxing gameplayContains ads and in-app purchases

Suitable for all agesLacks realism and challenge

No internet connection required Some graphics and sounds may be annoying


Summary of the main points

Taxi driving games are simulation games that let you drive a taxi in a realistic or fictional city. They are popular because they offer a lot of variety, exc


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